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Who is SHAXOR ?

In this new digital age of social media algorithims,

e-commerce and SEO rankings, We all can use a reliable source to help navigate the ever changing digital world. 

We are innovative and we will highlight key elements of your brand character and personality to make your brand and company unique with pointed questions and market research to set your brand apart from others in your industry .

* Competitive Research

*Brand Positioning 


*Insight & Discovery


Building your Brand!

We help your Brand take shape by creating a brand with the right tone, look, and style to capture your targeted audience and clients.

"Then right branding that will communicate your company story."

* Logo Designs 

*Brand Standards

*Content Development

*Business Materials 


 Growing your brand, scaling your business , or project  is the goal. By using all current tools and technology available resources to do just that!

*Digital Marketing

*Social Media Marketing



*Paid Partnership 



Impress with More Than Words!

If words are the message, disigns is the messenger!

Our design team brings years of expertise in delighting audiences with outstanding designs that captivates viewers and compels them to take action. This is where it all comes together and gives your audience an experience your clients will remmber.

* Website Design + Dev

*UI/UX Design

*Social + community

*Event Support / Planning

*Business Materials




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We understand that there is no one size fits all marketing plan, or budget, and there is no company the same. Allow our dedicated marketing team create a customized marketing package that will optimize your ROMI (Return On Marketing Investments). Whether your goal is professional marketing/branding, visibility, or more customers we got it covered.


SHAXOR LLC, is woman owned our CEO,  La'Queta Savage is passionate about helping others grow and scale their businesses.

  "As a mother, wife, aunt, daughter going after my entrepreneurial goals at times seemed impossible.  I wanted create a safe space for other women to find support, 

 encouragement, and resources to grow their dreams. "

We dare to challenge the status quo by curating conversations about women's entrepreneurship, corporate growth, and public positions. We will honor and celebrate the achievements of women who've broken through glass ceilings and challenged traditional definitions of success, while also, examining the many factors that prevent women from achieving their entrepreneurial, or corporate dreams.

"Helping each other grow while growing”

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I knew I wanted my website to be clean and professional. I wanted it to represent the essence of my very soul. I wanted people to feel the message I am delivering just with a mere glance at my site. I felt very lucky to be able to secure Shaxor for the job! The owner, worked with me directly to ensure that my vision came true! The SHAXOR team delivered everything I wanted and more. When I saw 120-

}?>  inished product, I cried tears of joy! I will be using Shaxor for any future projects I have. This is a company which stands on integrity and delivers excellence!


-Barbara Jordan Founder, People Requiring Equality within Systemic Systems (PRESS) New Mexico


I wanted our Bojangles stores to have their own website. I contacted SHAXOR and got not only a beautiful site but fully functional our customers can order right from their phone and not have to pay all the extra fees.  I am happy I will be using them again

- A Henderson 

Montgomery AL 


I was in need of getting my trucking company together, I called SHAXOR after going over the needs of what I needed from my business, I am now the CEO of my own corporation. #BOSSMOVES

- D. Hall 

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