Komla Letsu Philip


Komla Letsu Philip was born in and still resides in Accra Ghana on April 28, 1987. He started school at the age of 6 and after his elementary education, he proceeded to the Ghanatta College of Arts and design.  In 2006 where he acquired his in depth knowledge of artistic designs that aided him to becoming the artist he is known for today. Komla says " God has been the center of his life, and enjoys the closeness of his family. " Being the second born of the three children, his parents has been very encouraging in his dreams of being an  artist by providing him with all the materials. He married in 2012 and now has two small children.


         " I enjoy the closeness of my family very much because they are my inspiration, and I believe that  God, through his mercy, will grant more years to enjoy the fruit of his labor.


           Painting has been with me from infancy. When I was a child, I created images through my own imagination. Creativity is my gift from God, that is what I believe. My paintings is to portry how I see nature and to exhibit the artistic qualities me.

            I did not paint for money, It is my greatest inspiration. My innermost satisfaction derives after a quiet time, when I take some time off to explore  positive ways of enlightening my paintings. With admiration to mankind, I translate illusion into reality in the form of painting.

             I use canvas and acrylic paints in all the work that I do. I like innovation in my works because it gives me different opinions every time. I use my sense of coloring to add some genuineness to the paintings. I try to portry what is in me and being me is what I create.

             I have participated in a number of local exhibitions, and these have helped in no small way in shaping and bring out the finest in my skills till date.